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Would you like to stay up to date in all things EDI? Are you looking for specialized events that revolve around EDI? And are you also interested in EDITEL’s client projects? Would you like to read media reports about EDITEL and Electronic Data Interchange? Or are you looking for answers to specific questions our experts have addressed in our blog entries?

Our info zone offers all this and much more. Explore the world of supply chain management, digitalization and Electronic Data Interchange.

Felber switches to EDI cloud solution

Felber has a very modern and innovative side, especially when it comes to IT. In addition to server and desktop visua­lizations, Felber has been using Elec­tronic Data Interchange for more than 12 years. Since 2010, the company has been relying on the EDI services provided by EDITEL. | read more Icon: arrow-right

The secret ingredient

“EDI? I barely notice it’s there, it just works!“ That’s how Martin Lorenz perceives EDI. Mr. Lorenz took the position of director of IT, and is also responsible for all things EDI at the spice producer Kotányi. The level of responsibility associated with EDI doesn’t become evident until one looks at the volume of data processed via EDI every year. | read more Icon: arrow-right

SPAR PDF orders

Every day, more than 600 busi­ness partners, ranging from large manufacturers to very small producers, deliver their products to the eight large retail warehouses and 1,600 Austrian stores operated by SPAR. This inclu­des the transmission of roughly 6 million EDI transactions, which ensure that shelves are stocked with products at all times. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Syga Conference 2019

The future of F&B – systems for success on 11 and 12 September 2019 in Munich. This is a specialized conference with best practices and demonstrations. In addition, during the Best Practice presentation, you will get detailed insight into the merchandise procurement at Vapiano, a client of EDITEL’s. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Upstream EDI for Smurfit Kappa

The term “upstream” refers to the flow of raw material and packaging, in this case from the manufacturer's order all the way to the pre-supplier and back. Upstream EDI, on the other hand, is the term used when this process is done via EDI and GS1 identification standards (by relying on the GS1 shipping label). | read more Icon: arrow-right

Austria Email saves time and money

Manfred Kopp, the IT director at Austria Email, explains why his company relies on EDI: “We want to strengthen our relationship with large long-standing clients while at the same time minimizing the workload for our internal sales staff”, he said. Austria Email initially started using EDI in 2016 when it introduced electronic invoices (INVOIC). | read more Icon: arrow-right

High-expertise partners for F&B

EDITEL and the ERP software provider Delegate have been working together for ten years already. During this time, they have successfully implemented many cross-border projects. Their clients include Sodexo, Falkensteiner, EUREST and Vapiano who trust the expertise of both partners for processing EDI-based orders. | read more Icon: arrow-right

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