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Would you like to stay up to date in all things EDI? Are you looking for specialized events that revolve around EDI? And are you also interested in EDITEL’s client projects? Would you like to read media reports about EDITEL and Electronic Data Interchange? Or are you looking for answers to specific questions our experts have addressed in our blog entries?

Our info zone offers all this and much more. Explore the world of supply chain management, digitalization and Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI Services for PepsiCo

PDF invoice documents are sent via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. This process involves no additional work for clients and/or invoice recipients. For PepsiCo, this solution translates into considerable savings in terms of work, time and money. Additional paper invoices become obsolete and mistakes are kept to a minimum. | read more Icon: arrow-right

EDI rješenje za nadzor poslovanja u METRO-u

Everything at a glance at METRO

With a total coverage rate of 90%, METRO is one of the electronic invoicing pioneers in Austria. METRO relies on a customized e-invoicing solution by EDITEL, which allows for a fully automated invoicing process, from the creation of EDI invoices to their safe transfer via eXite® all the way to legally compliant archiving. | read more Icon: arrow-right

EDI for Kröswang via eXite®

Kröswang relies on it to electronically handle numerous business documents (orders, despatch advices, orders) both with restaurant clients and preliminary suppliers. The company plans to add information relevant for the EU food information regulation, such as allergens and nutritional value, in the near future. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Digitalno upravljanje objektima

EDI invoices for ISS Facility Services

e-Invoice via EDI turned out to be just the solution ISS needed for the smooth automation of its invoicing processes. The connection to the EDI platform eXite® also ensures that electronic invoices among all business partners will be exchanged safely and in a transparent manner via a single connection. | read more Icon: arrow-right

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